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Switch to Jekyll

Four years ago, the breaking change between Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 2.5 led me to WordPress. Since then, the number of pages I felt responsible for decreased until only my personal website was left.

Now, as I have seen during the last years, I am not a blogger, not a writer. For the last years the sub-title of my WordPress page was actually “blogging once a year” and even that I didn’t.

Simultaneously, attacks on WordPress pages continue to increase and while I feel confident that my installation was not compromised yet, I am not entirely happy with receiving alert emails every hour of every day (for reference: I am using BulletProof Security which locks accounts after repeated login attempts).

So, while I like to have my own domain, I do not necessarily need a full-blown content management systems that is persistently at risk of being hacked. Therefore, I moved my little content (actually less than a dozen texts) to Jekyll, a static side processor and will see how that develops during the next years.